Thursday, March 31, 2011

Neuromuscular exercise for Patellofemoral Stress Syndrome- Bosch Overhead Reach Drill

The boys like to watch the pelvis wiggle, but the knees don't like it very much.  Upon foot contact in running/jumping, the pelvis goes too deep into the frontal plane, presenting in contralateral rotation.  Ideally, the ilia should be at least level, or optimally the fee pelvis a bit higher.  When the ipsilateral ilium is higher, it contributes to excessive knee abduction/internal rotation at ground contact.

This is one of the exercises I use to enhance pelvic stiffness in athletes presenting with patellofemoral stress syndrome.  I do it a bit different than Frans does. BTW, Frans does not use this as a rehabilitation exercise, he uses it as a neuromuscular drill to enhance sprint mechanics.  I'll have the athlete take a big step forward onto the affected leg, punch the non weight bearing ilium and hand to the ceiling, then step backwards with that same leg and return to the starting position for 3 sets of 10 reps.  I begin with the athlete holding a crutch overhead, then build up to a weighted bar.

I know horizontal training ("clam shell" exercise etc) is popular for developing pelvic & core stability, but as I've articulated many times on this blog, it has little carryover to upright function.


Garrett said...

Hi Joe,

Another version of this I use is starting off with a single leg deadlift with dumbell in hand on same side as leg on ground - as you come up into the standing position press dumbell overhead and then return to start postion-really nice for transfer of load during running action with unilateral load.


Joe Przytula said...

Good to hear from you Doc Coughlin!
Interesting, Frans uses an exercise similar to the one you described. Great minds with elite level BS detectors think alike. In his thinking, the short head of the biceps functions isometrically in running, and this would facilitate it.

Kev said...

What is the purpose of the OH press?

The exercise described by CG, could it be done with sets alteranting between opposite arm OH presses?

Joe Przytula said...

Kev- The punch tweaks out the thoracolumbar fascia & increases the contribution of pelvic musculature. I start out with the hip hike and progress to the O-R drill.

Yes, you would do the exercise Garrett described on both sides.

Brian Green said...

Coughlan you finished being a nerd and back hangin out with the cool clinicians...?!