Sunday, March 20, 2011

The body is self organizing-get used to it- part deux

If this doesn't stop all the BS I don't know what will.


Jack Martin said...

As I have just begun my PT for hip/glute pain, I am seriously considering abandoning my orthotics (I have worn them for over 30 years) removing the lift in my right shoe (right hip glute is the problem), and letting the chips fall as they may. At 64 I need my body to take over independently. Martin

Joe Przytula said...

Gary Gray brings up a good point...that podiatrists typically look at the body from the knee down. So its easy to make an orthotic that helps the foot, but interferes proper loading of the knee & hip. He tells an amusing story of how he invented this system of mirrors where a person would step on this glass plate and a bottom up image of foot, knee, hip would be transferd to video. Only he didn't factor in you see right up into their shorts.

Be careful if you choose to do this, muscles which have been dormant for a long time need to be integrated again. BTW, is the lift a full length lift?

Jack Martin said...

Joe, My podiatrist who I consider a bio-mechanical wizard made me a heel lift out of cork-which I have continued to replace over the past year. It is 1/4" to address a 1/2" leg length imbalance. Coincidentally my hip pain began a few month later.
I do walk around in sandals quite a bit but have run almost exclusively in orthotics.
My pt therapist commented about my shoes being a little too rigid and I was not getting enough propriception response. My balance is really poor right now and I attribute it to my bunion (s). My feet are valgus. I just do not have a stable platform. What do you think? Martin
PS I just read an article in the NYT about Josh Underwood, a pitcher at Southeast Missouri St, a division I program. He was hit by a liner and lost sight in one eye. Another example of the body self-organizing.

Joe Przytula said...

Both G2 & Dave Tiberio don't believe in heel lifts...they should be full length. A 1/2" discrepency is about the point at they would recommend one. If you choose to go sans orthotic, you could take out the insole of the shoe and place a 1/4" piece of adhesive felt on the bottom of it and place it back in the shoe.

Gary/Dave have a pretty good DVD; "Fast Function- Balance/Stability".