Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Coach Martin

Talk about sustained excellence- Coach Jack Martin from Westfield High School NJ has been producing championship runners for 4 decades now. He doesn't need my help, but he asked for something to help him with his conditioning video, so here it is:

"Running: Biomechanics & Exercise Physiology Applied in Practice"

a book that came out in '05 by Frans Bosch & Ronald Klomp. They nail running biomechanics. Oh, by the way- we're keeping our fingers crossed but we may get Frans Bosch at GAIN '10!

Be sure to give us a shout out coach when you release the video.

Monday, September 28, 2009



A rare gene mutation caused a family in Turkey to walk like our ancestors. A physical therapist got tired of all the scientists coming over to study them & applied some kitchen chemistry. Function can change structure and give DNA a run for it's money.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Good Core Exercise

The athlete's arms & legs cannot touch the ground.
They do a jack knife, then follow it with a barrel roll to another jack knife & repeat. I'm allowing this athlete to cheat a bit, the elbows should be straight & the feet together.

FMR Left Shoulder

Sorry I haven't been posting. The hours & work load have been brutal, plus the school system blocking all blogs.

Out on the field there is a soccer game going on; I have a rehab circuit going on with 7 kids in the corner by the high jump, and I'm doing some manual therapy against the nearby fieldhouse. The athlete has an anteriorly subluxing shoulder. The itiology is scapular dyskinesis, primarly due to some muscle imbalances between the rhomboids & serratus anterior. You will see this quite a bit with athletes that do a lot of bench press. Yes I'm doing quite a bit of neuromuscular work. However, a positional fault of the humeral head in the glenoid fossa has been created. It requires direct & indirect work on the capsule itself.

The athlete is doing what I call a "windshield wiper" wallslide. He begins facing the wall, then takes a cross step with his left foot. The hips & shoulder are moving out of sync. The technique is FMR-to be specific I'm doing an posterior/inferior glide to this athlete's L GH joint. If you are familiar with a Mulligan N.A.G., it is very similar. The motion of the body enhances it.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Positional Faults

When you're evaluating an ankle sprain, always look for positional faults of the distal fibula (as described by Brian Mulligan) on the talus.

The athlete will typically present a pinching sensation in the vacinity of the anterior talofibular ligament with weight bearing dorsiflexion. A few mobes combined with the recommended taping procedure usually brings a pretty significant relief. It's not a wait & see thing-either it works or it doesn't.

The theory is when the ankle inverts it gets locked against the ground; but gravity continues to drive the fibula down & forward onto the talus. It's not hocus pocus- it has been documented in the literature. I just don't think it's as common as they say it is; but when it works it works. The problem is coming up with a exercise protocol to keep the correction. Haven't found one yet.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Gym Scooters for Rehab

They kick butt! You can use them partial weight bearing open-bottom up- kinetic chain (involved extremity on scooter), or closed-top down- kinetic chain (involved extremity on the ground). Of course you can do the same thing with towel slides, but the scooter adds a little instability to create a proprioceptive effect. I like the ones that have holes in the middle so I can attach elastic bands for more resistance. Give it a try!


As I have said before, I am a real high school ATC with a hectic schedule just like everyone else. I usually do my posts while the kids are changing classes & I have a few minutes to spare. Unfortunately, the school has blocked all blog sites, mine included. Also any web site that has the word "sports" in it, including "American journal of sports medicine" & "medicine and science in sport and exercise". It makes it very difficult to get any work done. When I stroll into my house at 10pm and my dog misses me and I have family matters to attend to the last thing on my mind is blogging. I'm working with our tech dept. to see if we can get this problem solved.