Friday, September 11, 2009


As I have said before, I am a real high school ATC with a hectic schedule just like everyone else. I usually do my posts while the kids are changing classes & I have a few minutes to spare. Unfortunately, the school has blocked all blog sites, mine included. Also any web site that has the word "sports" in it, including "American journal of sports medicine" & "medicine and science in sport and exercise". It makes it very difficult to get any work done. When I stroll into my house at 10pm and my dog misses me and I have family matters to attend to the last thing on my mind is blogging. I'm working with our tech dept. to see if we can get this problem solved.

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Kev said...


You provide very valuable insights to those of us in this line of work. I hope your issues can be resolved quickly! Not only do you help a lot of people by your postings you bring honor and prestige to Elizabeth High School. Knowing this I would hope your administration and tech department would bend over backwards to make things right again.