Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Coach Martin

Talk about sustained excellence- Coach Jack Martin from Westfield High School NJ has been producing championship runners for 4 decades now. He doesn't need my help, but he asked for something to help him with his conditioning video, so here it is:

"Running: Biomechanics & Exercise Physiology Applied in Practice"

a book that came out in '05 by Frans Bosch & Ronald Klomp. They nail running biomechanics. Oh, by the way- we're keeping our fingers crossed but we may get Frans Bosch at GAIN '10!

Be sure to give us a shout out coach when you release the video.

1 comment:

Jack Martin said...

Please don't embarrass me. With regard to the video- As a retired teacher I need something productive to do in the mornings while I wait for practice. I have also been doing some of these exercises with my aging athletic friends. They even like it.
Thanks for the book title.