Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Positional Faults

When you're evaluating an ankle sprain, always look for positional faults of the distal fibula (as described by Brian Mulligan) on the talus.

The athlete will typically present a pinching sensation in the vacinity of the anterior talofibular ligament with weight bearing dorsiflexion. A few mobes combined with the recommended taping procedure usually brings a pretty significant relief. It's not a wait & see thing-either it works or it doesn't.

The theory is when the ankle inverts it gets locked against the ground; but gravity continues to drive the fibula down & forward onto the talus. It's not hocus pocus- it has been documented in the literature. I just don't think it's as common as they say it is; but when it works it works. The problem is coming up with a exercise protocol to keep the correction. Haven't found one yet.


Kevin Moody said...


One of the PTs I work with showed me the mobes and taping technique. I have used them with good success.

Kevin Moody

Ron said...

Need your help. Can you direct me to the online resource you use to get your research articles that you read? I find pubmed doesn't give me full articles and am looking for a free resource to access these journals.
Thanks for your time,

Pat said...

Ron depending on where you're at most of the time you can get access at local libraries and college libraries, also what can be an option sometimes is becoming a ACI for a AT Program, in return a lot of the time they will give you online access if you ask...

Just some options...


Joe Przytula said...

Pat is correct- your local college library is a good source. If you are a high school ATC, you can ask your librarian if they can put a few on their list.

Sorry I haven't been posting as much- my school blocking blogs is a real pain. I will get something up this weekend.