Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hodge's new Pain & Motor Control Theory

He's not ready to give up his abdominal hollowing and multifidus exercises yet, but I think its a bold step for him pointing more to what we talk about it this blog.  A few excerpts:

"One example is work in low back pain that has investigated temporal and spatial aspects of activation of the deep abdominal muscle, transversus abdominis, in trials of motor rehabilitation. The implication is not that this change constitutes the entirety of the adaptation, but that it is a common component that can be used as a ‘‘marker’’ of adaptation."

"each individual develops a protective strategy (from injury) that is unique based on experience, anthropometrics, posture, task, etc."

"it would seem reasonable to conclude that it is necessary find the right balance between restoration of control to some baseline and the maintenance or retention of elements of the adaptation in order to meet the demands of function."

There are VERY popular fee based sports medicine websites out there that flop from one idea to the other with no rhyme or reason looking for the latest panacea.  I would like to think I've stayed pretty consistent here with my approach, and not because of stubborness...I hope.

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