Sunday, March 20, 2011

Books/Journals vs. the Web

Thanks Vern for this-Seth Godin sums it up just perfectly:

"Books, used properly, immerse us in a single idea. Books bring a voice into our head, create a different brain chemistry, open doors to a more powerful lever, a learning that can yes, change us. Dozens (perhaps hundreds) of times in my life, a book has changed my mind. So have some powerful lectures or direct engagements with teachers or mentors. These are the moments of true change, times when we are entrained with the message, when we feel the learning happening in real time.  Yes, tweet. Yes, stay in sync. Yes, absorb the lessons that come from many inputs, over time.  The quiet enjoyment that books (and great teachers) bring, the uncomfortable place they bring us when we’re open enough to let them in and to be honest with ourselves… this is precious."

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