Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Cuttin' -n Pastin' all da live long day.

The theme of this web site will always be the application of the scientific to the practical by way of learning through sharing, so feel free to share my stuff. None of it is copyrighted, unless otherwise noted. However, I have seen my stuff copied verbatim on other's web sites, and professional presentations as if it were their own. That is perfectly legal. However, it is in violation with the spirit of this blog. So, if I catch you doing that without giving me my props, I will call you out on that in this blog, because embarrassment will be in order.
So, just a reference to me in a footnote would go a long way.

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Muscles said...

Thanks Joe,
I always make the attempt to give props where props are due. You should be given credit for your content because you do the work.
Ron Hutchins