Monday, September 22, 2008

Iron Maven's last blog

Be sure to check out Tracy Fober's blog for Sunday, Sept. 21, '08. Coach Fober had the pleasure of speaking to Paul Hodges and Shirley Sahrmann! Add that to the fact that she snatches more than me and is just plain smarter than me, and I am thoroughly intimidated. She is a P.T. with an olympic lifting background, and applies hybrids of weight lifting movements to athletic development and rehab. Take note of her comments on the hubris of some of the faculty and students. It's funny because I see it in the A.T. profession too, and experienced it when I was first starting this blog.

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The Iron Maven said...

Ha! You are too kind, Joe. I am certain you are the master of deciphering injurious patterns of movement and applying the appropriate rehab strategy. I am the student here.