Friday, September 19, 2008

Recovery & Restoration

Make sure you read Vern Gambetta's blog today. He discusses the trend of using corrective exercise in place of performance training. Every sport has it's injury patterns, and an appropriate remedial program should be built into every athletic development program. My Mulligan Technique instructor used the phrase, "asymmetry is the norm". Attempting to correct it may have undesirable effects.
For instance, I recently had an ex basketball player of mine, who is training for in the police academy come to me complaining about lateral knee pain on his distance runs. He has has genu varum that is contributing to ITBFS. Basically, the same anthropometric makeup that made him great at jumping and lateral movements make him a lousy distance runner. Running long and slow will not be required once he graduates the academy (especially with the action he'll be seeing in this part of NJ!). So, a little ART with some active/passive stretching thrown in and he's doing just fine. If you body mapped him, I sure you could find plenty of stuff to work on. Orthotics and all that.
I think the muscle imbalances that may come up with non-cyclical sports such as baseball or tennis can be addressed as part of the recovery process. Why does recovery need to be passive? Why can't the athlete do some throwing or hitting or racket swinging with the opposite arm? How about the cross country runner running backwards or laterally?

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RonB said...

Joe - What exactly does corrective exercise mean anyways. Lets take a lunge for example, is this a corrective exercise, strength exercise or part of a warm-up exercise. i am getting tired of these so called gurus coming up with these fancy names that have no real value. I was watching what i thought was a Warm-up routine that a rival school was conducting before there game, that was all static strecthing i must add. i was talking to one of the parents of one of the players that was on the team and i commented about the warm-up routine they were performing and he informed it was a corrective exercise routine that the trainer had developed for the team.The term corrective exercise falls under the same category as Prehabilitate, a JOKE.

Ron B.