Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Over the Hills & Far Away

Not just a great Led Zep tune, but a great training modality.
Way to go, BK! I love the way you guys (and women, you know what I mean) think! I have a slope right in front of the gym entrance to our high school, and yes I use it for ankle mostability. Forward, backward, sideways walking and jogging. Movement is driven not only from the ground up, but also from the top down because the arms are chugging along. You may find that the ankle sprain athlete can walk backwards up the hill long before they can walk normally on flat ground, because of the absence of dorsiflexion- therefore preserving function. I also use slopes for knee rehab, and have my baseball guys crawling up & down them for shoulder mostability.

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JH said...

Great post Joe!!
In tthe flat country, void of hills, body positioning can be used also. For example just a weave type of jog or walk will also be effective.