Saturday, August 30, 2008

Good Quote

"I love the profession, but I hate the lifestyle".
This is from Steve Viana, the ATC at neighboring Linden high school. Another Labor day weekend is upon us, and for 26 years I've spent the entire weekend working football & soccer. You almost dread a holliday coming up in this profession because you realize they will try to squeeze in as many sports as possible in to a small time frame. Is it just me that feels this way?


KP said...

Not in the least bit Joe, not in the least. I'm just thankful that my current position in this profession allows more flexibility with this type of thing.

Kev said...

Funny, I am sitting here reading Joe's blog on Labor Day between the soccer post practice rush and the chaos that is the onslaught of pre-practice football wondering why it is I love my job! If there is any one thing that I have learned over the last 18 years doing this it is to take a break during the day. Even if it means there is one hour during the craziness of doubles that you go get some lunch and take that 60 minute mental break. That may mean coaches and athletes will just have to make do for an hour. If you don't take care of yourself you won't take very good care of your athletes.

Joanie said...

Hi Joe P !
As you know, I am now retired from both Teaching (39yrs)+ Assistant Athletic Training (22yrs)... I still VIVIDLY remember the long hours, poor meal choices + the total mental & physical exhaustion...but I also KNOW I LOVED THE WORK!! Those years w/ the 2 jobs were the VERY BEST of my career in education! I would do it ALL OVER AGAIN, very rewarding. As I read your posts & responses, I realize HOW MUCH I MISS the ADRENALINE RUSH of the work. Keep doing what you're doing, Joe P....I still admire your skills + enthusiasm.
Fondly, joanie

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