Saturday, November 14, 2009

Rachel's question

"I am an HS in So. IL and just getting into the S&C scene and just wanted to make sure I am understanding you correctly w/ how I approach this:Most HS athletes don't even know what core is and have done nothing to address it - so I look at doing the neutral positions first then adding movement when they are able to perform w/o help and w/ little-no difficulty."

First of all, welcome to the blog Rachel- Glad you found us!
2nd- Your athletes don't even know what the core is? GREAT!!! You are one step ahead of the game because they haven't been corrupted yet!

When you get a chance, be sure to visit my archives. YOU will be corrupted (in a good way) to my version of "the reactive core". A core that can brace the body to take a punch or handle a collision with another athlete; as well as blasting a soccer ball into a net. Like any other muscles of the body, the core is loaded by ground, gravity, and momentum. The core muscles are loaded with proprioceptors; and fascia which links it with the rest of the body. It loves when the hips are moving one way & the shoulders another; or in the same direction but different speeds.

There are some exercises which I consider core-ready, give your athletes a good dose of this stuff Rachel:

-3D jumping jacks
-3D skipping
-3D mountain climbers
-3D "burpees"
-3D pushups

Got to go. A weekend off, the first since July!


jbeyle1 said...

Hello Joe,
Great posts ,as usual. Could you please describe or point me in the direction of 3D burpees and mountain climbers. I go the JJ, Skips, and Pushups, but am having trouble visualizing the 2 above.
Jon Beyle
Chapel Hill, NC

Joe Przytula said...

Easy JB- Let's do a TP (rotationally) biased burpee/mountian climber. Would be appropriate for a soccer or baseball player.

-in the pushup position scissor the legs R, then L.
- instead of just hopping up, do an in-place rotational jump R, then L.

Mountain Climber (double time):

-pump the R knee toward the L shoulder, then thrust it back straight to meet the R leg, which is also straight. Then do the same thing with the L knee.

sal m said...

In addition to these great calisthenics I like to have the youngin's perform lunges with rotations and reaches in all directions/planes. These can be done either stationary or while moving in all three planes.

The only limitation is imagination. And these moves are also great for oldtimers - like myself - who don't work on balance, stability and flexibility, but need to.

jbeyle said...

Thanks Joe. You're the best!!