Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Elizabeth Lambert Saga

I usually don't comment on this stuff, but the hair pulling incident brought up some issues I am seeing in high school girl's sports. I do see officials making calls they would NEVER make in a boy's game. And it seems parents, coaches, and athletes are OK with that for the most part. But there is the occasional official who works both girls & boys games and doesn't differentiate between the two genders.

We had girl's rugby game this past spring where a lot of player's from the other team were getting hurt. Some of our girl's tackles looked like NFL highlight films. They're really I nice bunch of kids- they just like to hit and they're good at it. The best is this little Puerto Rican girl, all 5'2" of her! The coach came out onto the field and admonished the ref for "letting the game get out of control" and threatened to pull his team off the field. To keep the game going our coach actually had to tell our players to bring them down a little easier, and took our 5'2" assassin off the field. It was a playoff game to boot.


Kev said...

Rugby at the high school level??? Interesting and a bit surprising.

JH said...

I enjoy a great hit just as much as anyone. However i've always despised cheap tricks in order to get an advantage. Whether it's grabbing shorts and stepping on feet, or going high and tight on a batter. As for the elizabeth lambert thing, yes she was provoked, shame on them but her retaliation was no good either.
In sports when the other player or team was trying to get one up on me, I just played harder and smarter. When pitching with someone on second, many times they would steal the signs. i would make sure they got the signs right and threw the pitch anyway. the message i sent was i let you cheat and still beat you. Winning at all cost is not my style or good for sports.

posties said...

I look at this two ways #1.I think alot of high school and college athletes are under lots of stress these days. or #2 we just see more of this due to more and more video. thanks Joe