Thursday, October 1, 2009

Plinth? We don't need no stinking plinth!

Back in the early 80's there was a song by George Thorogood called, 1 bourbon, 1 scotch, 1 beer. I'm not really a drinker so my woos version is 1 squat, 1 step up, 1 lunge.

This athlete is day 3 of a grade 2+ left knee MCL tear. Walking non-weight bearing with crutches, yet full weight bearing in rehab with proper use of chain reaction biomechanics. I am convinced if you want range of motion back/edema reduction as quickly/safely as possible, this is the way to go.
Give me a triple shot of that juice.


Jonathan said...

Love the tweaks... Your mention of chain reaction biomechanics.. Does the Bosch book cover some of that? Do you recommend any other biomechanics books?

Joe Przytula said...

humm, not sure I can recommend one biomechanics book. Most of what I know I learned years ago from Dr. Dan Cipriani, professor at San Diego State, P.T. & biomechanics doctorate.

I guess you already figured out I'm introducing a varus moment (ie "tweak out") to protect the MCL. Remember, tweakology is only part of the equation, always rehab the athlete-not the injury.

Brian said...

Hi Joe I know this is an old post but could you comment on what your response would be from someone who does feel that the pictures are putting early stress on the MCL? Additionally could you comment on bracing in the acute phase of MCL injury in relation to preventing motion beyond 30 degrees extension and or 90 degrees of flexion. Some would suggest that knee position close to full extension early after injury is putting undue stress on the MCL as would some of your pictures. Perhaps an explanation how chain reaction biomechanics actually offloads tissue that have been injured. Personally I don't see anything wrong with what the athlete is doing in the photos and I do some similar movement patterns. Thanks again for such a good blog...!