Friday, October 9, 2009

More on NDT's

My blog compadre Juan Luis Tagle ( is a big fan of neurodynamic, aka "nerve flossing" techniques. The evidence is building to back him up.

"A Randomized Sham Controlled Trial of a Neurodynamic Technique in the Treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome", Bialosky et al JOSPT 20-09.

NDT reduced temporal summation in this population. I believe these techniques have a place in the recovery/restoration phase of conditioning. It should be noted that the sham NDT also provided a therapeutic effect. This drives the point home that as A.T.'s we shouldn't be afraid to use our hands. Have the technique manual nearby so the athlete understands what you're doing.

I've used NDT in American football brachial plexus (aka "stinger") injuries, hamstring strains, shoulder dislocations, and other injuries that create neural stretching. Any comments Juan?


Sarah said...

Was first exposed to technique in massage therapy school. Have also had good success with stingers and one instance of chronic popliteal pain. Once they get it the athletes seem to enjoy the concept and the ability for self treatment.

Joe Przytula said...

Good point Sarah- that there are self treatment protcols to follow up your hands on stuff.

Kev said...

How does one "floss" for a b-plexus stinger? Especially curious since I have an athlete who has been out of football due to signficant and persistent C5-6 weakness.