Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pete/Sarah Comments

Pete and Sarah had some great comments asking why I choose to not reduce GH dislocations on the football (American) field, which I thought deserved a post.

1. It's difficult to overcome heavily developed biceps/pecs/subscapularis without a forceful technique.
2. Even if you un-hook the shoulder pads, you still have the tight jersey to contend with.
3. Considering #2, it's very difficult to get enough ROM to do a Milch.
4. Along with Sarah's comment about the "audience", I've seen practitioners (including orthopedists), fail to reduce, get frustrated & embarrased, and use more & more forceful techniques.
5. The extra 1 minute walk or so to your A.T. table behind the bench is worth it compared to an ambulance ride & ER wait (remember I'm a hs ATC, no team orthopedist!)
6. Finally, in the spirit of this blog, it's only my opinion on what works best for me.

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