Thursday, October 15, 2009

On Ground Function: Hip to Shoulder

This is an exercise I'm using for an athlete rehabbing a L GH joint dislocation.

Pretty simple, it's I guess what you would call a modified scorpion.

Lying prone, shoulders & elbows @ 90-90.

The athlete reaches posterior left with their RLE & returns. This creates a chain reaction through the shoulder that challenges GH stability safely in what we used to call "closed chain". You may increase/decrease difficulty by raising/lowering the arm/elbow angle. You may also choose to do some self mobilization to the GH joint by placing a rolled up face towel beneath the proximal humerus. This provides a gentle posterior glide to the humerus in the glenoid as the leg comes around.


Kev said...

Seems like this is putting the shoulder in a vulnerable position ... kind of like doing an apprehension test while prone. Am I missing something?

Joe Przytula said...

Like any other exercise, it's when, where, & in what context you place it in your scheme. Yes, the shoulder is in a vulnerable position. It is called what G2 calls, "the transformational zone" for shoulder sublux/dislocation. If future GH injuries are to be avoided, then we eventually need to be neuromuscularly proficient in this range. The athlete here is self selecting how deep they go into the transformational zone by degree of shoulder elevation & leg reach.