Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Scapular taping rationale

The purpose of my taping is to influence scapular position on the thorax, period. Restoring normal length/tension myofascial relationships in the process. In "the lucky 7", I'm correcting anterior rotation with the vertical strip, abduction, int. rotation, & downward rotation with the horizontal. I "tape it as I see it". I'm not attempting to facilitate/inhibit any muscle groups- I don't believe a piece of tape can do that. I know I'm going to hear it from the kinesiotape enthusiasts, & I don't want to seem hard headed, but I'm sorry, there's not enough evidence based practice to support it. From my previous posts you know how I am, if I can't pull out my goniometer or ruler & see something happening with my own eyes, it isn't happening.

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