Saturday, March 21, 2009

Can I have an ice pack?

Here I am working with an outfielder with pain in the distal bicep & forearm. By way of neurodynamic tension testing I determined that this athlete had a median nerve entrapment in both the lig. of struthers & the pronator teres. I explained to him ice was for sprained ankles & things like that. A few simple neural glide techniques & his symptoms disappeared. Whole process took a few minutes.

Neurodynamic entrapments were documented in cadavers about 15 years ago. In this month's JOSPT nerve gliding was documented for the first time in vivo by some Australian researchers. Frijoles Frios!

May I recommend Butler's "Mobilisation of the nervous system" & "The sensititive nervous system" for your reading pleasure.


Juan Ruiz-Tagle said...

I am glad that you are also spreading the work of David Butler, I believe that his work is an essential part of rehab, and all of us should at least know the basics, but more often that not when I talk about "nerve flossing" people think that it must be my chilean accent and that I am mispronouncing a word.

Joe Przytula said...

Good to hear from you Juan. Yeah, it is a good,safe tool-in-the-toolbox. I think athletes would benefit from this as part of their recovery/restoration program.