Saturday, March 28, 2009

Lucky 7

Oh, did I tell you this kid continues to play? The problem here in NJ is the baseball season is only 8 weeks long. So, if I kept him out of the sport long enough to correct his shoulder dysfunction, the season would be over. With the cooperation of the coach, he's being platooned to reduce his "reps". And, I'm correcting the malposition by taping it (doesn't it look better?!). He plays pain free; no more subluxating shoulder as long as he wears the tape. The strange thing I notice is the tape seems to have a temporary proprioceptive effect lasting hours after it is removed.

By the way Heidi- as long as you clean the skin good with alcohol, then spray it good with tough skin, it will even stay on pretty good in the water!


Heidi said...

Always love to have more tape jobs in my repertoire! I've also tried taping the serratus (which I got from Hammer's book-thanks) and have made tremendous gains in her strength program. After 2 years, she can finally do a pushup! Will try it when she finally gets in the water. Thanks again for all your info.

Cassandra said...

Please provide instructions for taping the Lucky 7. My daughter has Sick Scapula and is being treated by a physician and physical therapist. She has missed 8 weeks of pitching and I would love to try this to see if the pain is decreased.