Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Rossiter System

Despite 6" of snow with a 30 mph wind @20 degrees F, our state meeting went on. Steve Viana, my local compadre from Linden NJ did a great job of putting the exhibitors together. One of them was Richard Rossiter, a Rolfer who has developed his own brand of myofascial release, "The Rossiter System".


I was walking by his booth when he grabbed my ear & explained the technique to me. I explained to him I already did soft tissue work using ART. He immediately said, "AHHH, but your thumbs are sore by the end of the day, admit it!" Ok, I couldn't deny that I work on athletes, and yeah, that has happened. So he explained his method uses the FOOT in lieu of the hand! My response was, "I can't do this stuff- what will people think when they walk into my A.T. room & see me stepping on a kid!"

However, as fate had it I won his book & DVD in the raffle- worth 40 bucks. I thought it was a very nice gesture, so I am giving him a plug. He offers courses throughout the U.S. that you can get NATA CEU's. If anyone else has experience with this technique, let me know. And what the hell, like I do with ART I'll have the protocol manual out while I am doing it so they know I'm not a wacko.

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steven said...

Joe, great post! Glad you weathered the storm to make it down to the state meeting! Always good to pick your brain a little in search of perfection. Thanks forr the plug, but I won't take all the credit; because as you know... Behind every man, there is a great woman; as my wife played an integral part in putting our exhibitors as well. Keep up the great work!