Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Grade 2 Adductor Stain day 8

Exercise Physisiologist Jack Blatherwick questions why fitness qualities such as strength, flexibility, stability etc. need to be worked as separate entities. Good question.
In these two photos one of my athletes is doing rehab for a right adductor strain. Accomplishing all of the above using a jungle gym.
The traditional exercise you would see in a weight room would look something like right side lying with the left foot up on a basket
doing leg raises. Training the adductors to do something
they don't really do in upright function. For example, this athlete
strained his doing straight ahead sprinting.
The remainder of the workout included some double leg agility ladder stuff & some med ball rotations in a stride stance.

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JH said...

Great stuff joe!!

If someone asks me,"Can you show me some stretches?" after they have injured themselves I think I'm going to cry!