Wednesday, November 10, 2010

You can't afford NOT to have an A.T. on staff!

Potential Savings of a Program to Prevent Ankle Sprain Recurrence:  Economic Evaluation of a Randomized Controlled Trial- Maarten et al, AJSM 11-10.

A great, simple study with a large group of subjects comparing 2 groups of ankle sprain patients.  One with just initial acute intervention, the other with some proprioceptive training added in (common place in the high school setting).  The authors computed the cost of medical care/ lost productivity among the two groups.  The  mean costs per athlete in the intervention group was 81 euros ($112); and in the control group 149euros ($205).  This is the kind of data we should be presenting when we make the case for a full time A.T. on staff in this economy.  Overall it is just plain more cost effective.


BJ Maack said...

Great post. This is my daily grind: to demonstrate the VALUE of what an AT can provide; not just the cost of having one. Thanks for posting. I will relay for our state AT association (Arkansas).

Brian Green said...

Hey Joe...what is the status in your state regarding medical staff on site or present during athletic events in highschool? I'm sure this differs between states. I was working at State College Highschool in State College, PA many moons ago and I believe that in PA an ATC is required to be at highschool events. I'm sure this is legislation that the NATA should/are endorse.


Joe Przytula said...

BJ- our school insurance company actually told us schools with A.T.'s on staff keep the cost of medical care down; compared to schools that do not have them (ie less claims & # of MD/physio visits).

Brian- No such rule in my state, although NJ is pretty well covered with A.T.'s. I believe Hawaii is the only state where each hs is required by law to have an A.T. on staff.

BJ Maack said...

Joe: any chance of getting that in writing? I have not had any luck with this here.

Joe Przytula said...

BJ- The ins company was Bollinger. Unfortunately, we have switched insurance companies since; and the other person present at the meeting was my A.D. who has since passed away. But it is a great idea! You are not alone though, many A.T.'s here in NJ have lost jobs since the governor cut school funding.

Funny story; I was in Pine Bluff about 15 years ago when our BB team was invited to a national tournament there. One of your local A.T.'s laughed at me because I always wore a jacket/tie to the games. Asked me how I expected to keep the blood off me. Told him I've been doing it for years and never happened. Wouldn't you know our player got a nose bleed, and sneezed on me while I was attending to him! The guy laughed his ass off- and I never did wear a jacket again.

BJ Maack said...

I think I was actually at this game! I helped work that tourney. Ha! Funny stuff! What school were you with?