Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Meanwhile, I'm stilllllll thinkin'......

This is one of our athletes scoring what would be a 1 on the ankle dorsiflexion PCA test- the toes only 2cm from the wall and the heel already coming off the floor.  It is fortunate she is not a rock & roller back in the 50's because she would never be able to do the famous Chuck Berry duckwalk.  Back then we didn't worry about the knees going past the toes when we squatted.  We were too busy ducking under our desks training for when the Russians would drop the big one on us.

Think I'll keep a Fender Telecaster handy in my AT room and use the duckwalk as a remedial exercise:

"OOOOHHHH Carol don't let him steal your heart away, I'm gonna get that ankle ROM back if it takes me all night and day"


Jack Martin said...

Joe, How much $$$ will it cost to get started with PCA and how easy is it for someone like me to get started?
What would we need to get started and much time to evaluate athletes? We have over 110 signed up for the winter and close to 50% are newbies?
Feeling better each day with the retro work.
Any tips for strengthening my soon to be 64 yearold feet and lower legs. My glutes, quads and hamstrings are improving but the feet are holding me back. Martin

Joe Przytula said...

Jack- You can email Ed Ryan at:


Ed is the former director of Sports Med at the U.S.O.T.C., now in charge of the PCA in the U.S. & can give you more info. Good luck in the Secs this weekend!