Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Taping for MTSS- The modified Hossler Technique

Learned this technique years ago from Phil Hossler, the great ATC at East Brunswick NJ, USA high school; and took some artistic license with it.  It's important to remember it's not a substitute for a good athletic development program that encourages lower extremity osteogenesis.  But used prudently, it does provide excellent results.


Kev said...


I think it's the 3rd pic down ... after you have come up through the arch and over the anterior ankle are you then continuing that tape strip around the lateral leg, the passing posteriorly, and finally bring that strip around the medial leg to anchor to the anterior tib area?

Hope you have a great Turkey Day and get a day or two off!

Kev said...

opps ... meant 4th and 5th pics.

Joe Przytula said...

precisely...then just cover it up with "upside down V strips" as you would in a traditional ankle tape job...be sure never to pull the tape, just lay it on the skin. It will self adjust when the foot hits the floor.