Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The tough part

I was just going over "Knee Stability & Movement Coordination Impairments: Knee Ligament Sprain" in this months JOSPT.

Several references are made to "increased body mass index" as a risk factor- and the fact that it is more difficult to modify than other risk factors.

Numerous studies also support this theory as a risk factor in patellofemoral disorders & ankle sprains.

If your athlete is overweight, address it in your rehab protocol. Personally, I don't tell them they're overweight. I just throw in plenty of spin workouts, slide board work, and sprint workouts in the pool when it's convenient. They'll start looking & feeling better and that will keep them coming back for more.


Brian Green said...

Sorry Joe for going off topic here but will you announce when your project with the Training and Conditioning folks will be out...?


Joe Przytula said...

Coming along well Brian, should have an article in the August issue, and the book will be out early fall.