Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dr. Coughlan & others- keep fighting the good fight

Chronic Ankle Instability Alters Central Organization of Movement- Hass et al, AJSM- 5-10.

"Deviations from a normal COP (center of pressure) during gait trace similar to those seen in older adults and Parkinson disease patients were seen in subjects with CAI when the data were normalized to an individual's stance width".

"We speculate that centrally mediated decreases in COP excursion during GI (gait initiation) represents a more constrained sensory motor system that will decrease the individual's ability to cope with changing task demands, and in addition is a leading cause of post traumatic osteoarthritis in the ankle".

See why I chose this topic as my first book?


Brian Green said...

No Joe...don't mention Coughlan's name anymore! His ego is big enough already. Surprised he hasn't told me yet that you mentioned him - again....

On your post it seems that some of the same central pathways/mechanisms that have been shown to be in deficit in ACL deficient people are similar in the CAI/Parkinson's crowd....? I believe you had a post that touched on this from some research from University of Michigan?
Basal Ganglia(higher brain centers) involvement...?

Joe Przytula said...


I beleive the ACL studis demonstrated cortical changes; but not sure they were similar to Parkinsons.