Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Rogoff-Mozgala story: What can we learn?

"Modifying the Effects of Cerebral Palsey: The Gregg Mozgala Story"- JBMT, Spring '10

The scientific followup on this story (a video is included)

Dancers definately speak a different language than we do, it was kind of a weird read but there are lessons to be learned.

Rogoff makes the comment, "His stomach muscles had never served him as the way his upper body met his lower was disconnected from the body's original design". Sounds familiar.

Movers and shakers in the movement therapy profession go on to give their take on the therapy. Tom Myers ("Anatomy Trains"), and Leon Chaitow are included.

Myers makes a beautiful quote, "how wonderful that the method has no name...reminds us that the path to healing is not restricted by specific approaches, but wends it's way upward in switchbacks...sometimes in contrast to our "brand name" bodywork". Cool huh?!

He goes on to say, "Emphasis on the problem, difficulty, lack, and inability, even with a "helpful attitude", can leave a patient frustrated and depressed". Sounds like when we talk about setting them up for success, no?

Eyal Lederman, DO (actually checks in on this blog once and a while) suggests we substitute "rehabilitation" with "re-Abilitation". I like it.

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sal m said...

Kind of like, "Load the wagon and don't worry about the horses?"