Friday, April 23, 2010

Good Quotes from Eyal Lederman

Began reading his new book, "Neuromuscular Rehabilitation in Manual & Physical Therapies- Principles to Practice" So far, it kicks ass.

"Interestingly, most of the proprioceptors in our body are tension receptors. It seems that during movement the nervous system "sees" areas of varying tensions rather than individual tendons, joint capsules, or muscles".

-a nod to the body's fasica system.

On EMG studies- "Muscles which are silent or at low EMG activity are part of the whole control pattern. Normal movement would be impossible if thsese muscles were over active, as in stroke patients."

-remember, EMG's are not the end all. All they tell you are which muscles are screaming the loudest.

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JH said...

Sounds like the biotensegrity princple also.