Tuesday, March 23, 2010

On Ground Function: The Mostibility Shoulder

Sorry I haven't been posting lately; it's not due to a lack of material. It's been raining and most of the time we're cramped like sardines in the field house and it's tough to get a good photo. Lots of cool stuff going on though.
This R handed baseball player injured his left shoulder on the back swing during batting practice in the cold weather a few weeks ago. The result was a non-specific anterior glenohumeral sprain with some "pinching" of the soft tissue in the posterior shoulder. We've got a hip to shoulder force tweak going on here. In the first 2 pics, he's doing a hip hike with the shoulders rotating in sync with the pelvis; hands moving a little faster than the pelvis as to be consistant with up right function.
In the bottom one he's in a pushup position, eyes fixed right, then sliding the left leg under the right, taking the pelvis with it in a scissor type motion.

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JH said...

This ain't rehab this is break dancing!! :)