Saturday, March 6, 2010

Is this you?

"Service value doesn’t begin until the client gets into it; value is not optimized until the client gets through it; and practice loyalty is diminished if client focus is directed to facilities and equipment rather than you."

This is an exerpt from Bob Wiersma's forthcoming book, "Performance Matters". A lot of times when I go to other schools & mention my blog (and it's ideals) to other ATC's, I usually get something like, "Oh, we don't have that problem, our booster club (or AD) buys us anything we want".

In my mind, if you were someone on the outside that didn't know any better, you would be giving the impression that it's all about the toys. That anyone could step in and take your place. And unfortunately, that's what happens when they ask their superiors for extra compensation. Because most of us aren't in the income generating business, many don't feel the need to stay competitive. The looks I get from other A.T.'s when I tell them I use money out of my own pocket to pay for continuing education! We could all learn from guys like JH who have to compete every day to survive.

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