Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A.T. Room Management

Thanks to fellow GAINER Phillip Bizzini for sending me this link from the NY Times on teaching:


The article had to do with the recent focus on getting back to "teaching mechanics" sort of speak; independent of subject matter. I couldn't help but apply it to the high school athletic trainer. Obviously being an effective high school ATC a lot more than the A.T.'s technical skills. In the college A.T. room we've got plenty of helping hands in the form of assistant A.T.'s and student A.T.'s. But what do you do with a room full of injured athletes you've got to get out to class on time or onto the athletic field?

#1- Don't let your room become a hangout place. All my tables are portable & you really have to go out of your way to find a place to sit down.

#2- Never tape an ankle when you can brace it. There is not a single study showing taping is superior over bracing. It really frees your hands up for the important stuff not to mention the money you literally toss in the garbarge every day. It is very tough to break the culture of ankle taping, especially if your Pop Warner coaches are taping 12 year olds.


ABPrints said...

I agree on the taping issue. WE make it mandatory, if you come into the season/school year with an ankle injury we will tape as needed, but the athlete needs to buy a brace. If a new injury needs taped more than a month post mechanism, then a brace is mandatory. If the athlete wants taped for "protection", i.e. football, then get a brace. This has helped with pre game football tremendously, the coach has even gotten on board and supplies us with about 10 pairs of new universal braces a year.

KP said...

Joe: couldn't agree with you more. I'll even bump it up to include the small college (we have two ATs, 300+ athletes, 6 athletic training students and some of those are athletes, and currently working out of a make shift room.

As for the bracing, when I was in the high school setting I would try and print out game photos of college/NBA/NFL games that showed players wearing ankle braces and more than once told a kid - if it's good enough for that player on Alabama's squad it's good enough for you!

Whitney McKesson Smith said...

I wish these two points were implemented in my ATR. We tape continuously and between each athlete liking it a certain way, the tape loosening by the end of practice, etc. we waste so much time and money on it.
I have also noticed our ATR is becoming a hang out spot for the students and not so much athletes. Something that must get nipped in the butt.