Friday, December 18, 2009

Two N.J. Legends

Took a professional day this Friday to attend the MF Track & Field Clinic in Atlantic City, N.J.

I drove down with my friend Gerry Nisivaccia. Gerry holds a high school record for being the only NJ wrestler to win 3 consecutive state championships. He missed winning a forth when he dislocated an elbow during a match. Stuck his arm between his two legs, snapped it back into place, then finished the match with one arm. His opponent was so grossed out he couldn't concentrate and lost the match. However, the tournament officials would't let Gerry continue in the tournament. Coach Nisivaccia went on to be one of the most winningest high school wrestling coaches in NJ history.

The reason we drove down was to hear our friend Dave Costello speak. Dave is the boys/girls track coach at Viera high school, Fla. Retired, Dave moved down there about 5 years ago with every intention of playing golf & watching his son play baseball. When his son registered for school, his guidance counselor happened to be familiar with high school track. He asked, "Your dad wouldn't happen be the former track coach at Elizabeth high would he? And your uncle Frank coached at Maryland? Well, go home & tell your dad he is no longer retired". Dave is in his early 60's now, and I've never seen him more enthusiastic. He's already won two regional champioships.

I am proud to call these two guys my friends.

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