Monday, December 28, 2009

Still Doing SLR's?

The Effects of Quadriceps Contraction on Different Patellofemoral Alignment Subtypes: An Axial Computed Tomography Study- JOSPT April '09

I know, sometimes the athlete is in so much pain & you have no choice. But if you think you're improving PF kinematics, think again. This study took a look at various types of patellofemoral alignment types & how quadricep contractions influenced them. The study comes to the conclusion that we functional A.T.'s knew all along...that it's the track, not the train.

There's a lot of cool stuff you can do with on ground function if you just can't get the athlete pain free weight bearing. I'll be giving some examples in future posts.


Juan Ruiz-Tagle said...

Joe the best to you and your love ones, hope you stay strong, healthy and happy.
Juan RT

Joe Przytula said...

Thanks Juan- great to hear from you!

Kev said...


Mike Reinold gives a great 7 part series on PF pain on his blog.

Anonymous said...
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