Thursday, December 17, 2009

AAAAAHHHHH-TWEAK OUT! (LLE MCL), Bottom up, Top down

forward/back hurdle steps
R rotational L stagger squat
SLS to 45deg. c/ foot everted

Santa, will you please bring me a new HD digital video camera? Mine really sucks.


Josh Nimmo, ATC, CSCS said...

Mr. Przytula,
My name is Josh Nimmo, I am an athletic trainer for Freeburg High School in Freeburg,IL. I am also a CSCS. The company I work for is a full service physical therapy clinic and fitness center. We have five locations in southwestern Illinois. I work not only with athletes in sports medicine, but also with athletic enhancement. I came across your blog through a link on Tracy Fober's blog and I was immediately intrigued! As a young athletic trainer I am always interested in learning from someone with far greater experience than myself. I look forward to following your blog.

Jack Martin said...

We have been doing a lot of hurdle mobility-both over and under and balance. Has worked well but we have seen too many hip flexor issues this year. I am in pt after last weeks meniscus surgery-any suggestions.

JH said...


What specifically are you tweaking out? The middle and bottom pictures look like they would tweak in the MCL of the left leg?


KP said...

I was wondering the same thing Jonathan.

Joe Przytula said...

1- Welcome aboard Josh! Not sure I've got greater experience, just older.

2- Coach Martin- Hip Flexor Strains, what we refer to in function as "the front butt"- great topic for a future post! Good luck with the meniscus rehab. A good P.T. will attack success first; the toughest for distnace runners-the transverse plane-is very important but usually needs to come last.

3- JH & KP always ask good questions, this a functional terminology one. I'm beginning to "tweak out" the MCL's "friends". Beginning to functionally load it sort of speak. I've not tweaked out totally. Example, in the SLS, I'm allowing a BUE anterior reach to load the butt more.

JH said...

So by tweaking out the butt you have essentially tweaked in the abductors, VMO, and post I invisioning this correctly?


PS Merry Christmas!!

Joe Przytula said...

JH-Your scenario could be a possibility, yes, depending on how sequence your drivers.