Friday, December 26, 2008

"The Goal Posts move as your playing the game"

"The race in science is not for a predetermined end, and once you're there the story's over, the curtain comes down. That's not at all what it's like. Rather, it turns out, you find things you didn't expect."- Simon Schaffer, physicist.
These are quotes from the Nova special "Absolute Zero".
It documents the story of three scientists attempting to achieve the lowest theoretical temperature, -273 degrees C. Scientists Michael Faraday, James Dewar, & Kamerlingh Onnes all in competition in the late 1800's. Dewar insisted his experiments be conducted in absolute secrecy. The other two freely exchanged information, even published their results in scientific journals. By isolating himself, Dewar had boxed himself into a corner in an attempt to eliminate his competition. Onnes had one the race.
I couldn't help but compare Schaffer's quote to this blog's "learning through sharing" theme. I've gone to workshops given by a few of our own gurus. I'm always amazed at how the faithful mechanically blurt out the mantras that are the jargon of their particular "system". Multi level marketing schemes that are reminiscent of Scientology. The thought process being once you've achieved all the certifications with this particular individual you have reached the pinnical of your art. Practitioners who believe that if what they're doing is not working it is because they are performing it incorrectly, & they need to go to a refresher course. They are boxed into a corner.
A true professional will tell you right off the bat that some of their athlete's injuries do not get better. But they will never stop trying.


Brutus said...

Happy Holidays Joe. Did you hear about this gal? or just google hope jacoby and athletic trainer.

Joe Przytula said...

We just had a similar situation in N.J. Through the years I have seen several others that mysteriously resigned with rumors of the same. This stinks on many different levels. A good portion of my practice is manual therapy, and sometimes it becomes necessary to work about the pelvis. Always make sure you have a female coach present along with texts that illustrate the specific technique you will be doing. Having the parent present is also helpful, but at least in my situation, not always practical. I will often substitute a female P.E. teacher as a 4th party. My next suggestion is to keep your A.T. room a place for business. I have seen young A.T.s who make the mistake of creating a social environment. Complete with pics on the wall of them hanging out with the athletes. I realize the HS environment is a little different, & includes getting involved with family & community, but always keep a professional environment.

P.T. said...

I remember reading about your use of the rockfit, it looks like it's been reinvented under a new name.