Thursday, December 11, 2008

Aquatic Therapy 2

Vern's post today, "the evidence gap" got me thinking. If it walks & quacks like a duck...

This athlete is doing a single leg water dumbbell high pull in chest deep water. He is a middle distance runner of ours I suspect has a stress fracture. I chose this exercise in an attempt to preserve power output without gravity beating up on the injury. He has no MRI, no x-ray, no bone scan to confirm my suspicions. 3X per week are aquatic workouts, 2 days on land with 1 competition day. He is improving. I've used this protocol probably a hundred times in my career, with athletes even winning county championships in the process.

The hardest part is getting the cooperation from coaches & parents. It requires patience & trust. It helps that I've been around here 27 years and many of these athlete's parents have been my students.

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