Friday, December 5, 2008

All your problems behind you

All right, stop giggling. So you opened up my blog today and got a backside in your face. BUTT, this is serious stuff. OK, no more jokes, I promise. This is what Shirley Sahrmann describes as the "Muslim prayer position". We see the hips have translated to the left, and (is a little less obvious in the pic) rotated to the right.
The athlete suffers from chronic L lower lumbar back pain; and bilateral anterior hip impingement. We're looking at bilateral posterior iliofemoral joint capsule tightness. He got through football ok, but running indoors on a hard dusty floor is unbearable. Fortunately, his P.E. period is kind of slow so I'll have plenty of 1 on 1 manual therapy time.
In the past, these type of dysfunctions were seen in more sedentary peeps 40+. They have entered the high school A.T. realm. Why do you think? Are we getting better at diagnosis? Too much sports specialization? Are computers & video games creating too much sitting time?


JH said...

Couldn't help noticing the placement of his feet, left more inverted and the right not so much. Any issues in the feet/ankles? Right ankle sprain maybe?

Joe Przytula said...

Feet began in neutral- the pelvis L translation causes inversion & slide toward the head. Good test for posterior hip capsule tightness. A real trouble maker for the low back. More common than you think.

JH said...

Thanks Joe,

Wasn't sure if it was a chicken or the egg situation.

Have a great weekend!!