Sunday, January 30, 2011

Working at the periphery of the envelope of function

This athlete is a wrestler re-abilitating a grade 2 L knee MCL sprain.

He needs to move from a four point stance to a stand up position.  The transfer from kneel to standup right now is outside his envelope-  the knee perturbates in the process.  So I have his R knee elevated to reduce the depth of the stand up.  I keep folding the mat and have him single leg stand up until the perturbation resolves.

By the way, the single leg stand up is a great remedial tool to improve the single leg squat.  By moving the knee of the trail leg ahead of the forward leg heel, it reduces the ability of the trail leg to assist in the movement.

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JH said...

Why are his hands on his head? Not sure where his is on his rehab continuum but what if he were responding to a visual stimulus with his upper body just like he would in wrestling while going from kneel to stand? Again he may not be ready for UE involvement I don't know.