Sunday, January 16, 2011

Very Timely

Thanks for fellow GAINer Sal Marinello ( for bringing this to my attention:

"Relationship Betwen Core Stability, Functional Movement, and Performance"- Okada et al, JSCR Jan. 11.

A lot of great research is coming out of Indiana State lately.  Stuart McGill's trunk muscle endurance tests along with the functional movement screen were used to determine the relationship between core stability, functional movement, and performance on the overhead medicine ball throw, T test, and single leg squat.  Found a moderate to weak correlation.  The authors go on to say that although core stability (as interpreted by McGill) is important, it should not be a primary emphasis of any training program.

If I understand what the authors are saying correctly is the "bracing" type exercises should be included as a general physical competency movement, but not used ad nauseum as a "corrective" exercise.  The test exercises described require a "reactive core".  The "trunk stability exercises" have stillness as their goal.

Vern Gambetta has some very good reactive core tests.  One is to repeatedly laterally hop onto one foot while a teammate tosses a medicine ball to opposite sides of the torso.

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