Sunday, January 23, 2011

CJW "Stop it Before it Starts" Symposium

Sorry I haven't been posting.  Been preparing and presenting down in Richmond Va.  Great, smart enthusiastic, friendly people.  The P.T. clinic is so cool!  Think of a good high school or Collegiate A.T. room, not the typical assembly line style that is so popular.  Minimal machines, with everyone up and moving.  I  got that warm fuzzy feeling as soon as I walked in and felt right at home.  Interesting many of the patients pay cash to continue their conditioning and fitness beyond the rehab.  I also found out why they laugh at what we call barbeque up here.

I took some hits on the NJ accent.  I didn't think I sounded like Snooki and Tony Soprano but I guess it needs some work.

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sal m said...

You have an accent?