Friday, July 30, 2010

Something to Ponder...

In my last post I mentioned that strength training has changed a lot in the past 15 years.  I should say, what we know about it.  Because if you look around, especially in football strength and conditioning, it's the same ole same ole with some tire and rope flipping tossed in.  Bosch's definition of strength training is, "Coordination training with resistance".

THAT is where we should be headed.


Jack Martin said...

Joe, Check out this on letsrun

Joe Przytula said...

Good to hear positive feedback...but the truth is I'm just another guy in the trenches, who fortunately, like Coach Martin, is 50+ and refuses to be just a paycheck collector. Got to give the kids the courage to look beyond what the TV screen teaches them about supplements and steroids.

By the way Jack, whats your take on Chris Lemaitre? Before I realized he was French I thought he was a former Blue Devil.

Jack Martin said...

I watched his Paris race-they put him in the middle of the track between Bolt and Powell-they took him to school. There's a lot of upside there. Off to Green Mountain Running Camp for a week-I have jump ropes ready to go. I tried it this afternoon and I was, at 63, able to get through it (slowly) without catchimng my foot. Thanks for the props and the tip. Jack