Friday, July 2, 2010

A great Question

As usual, JH asks a great question from my last post that requires further elucidation:

"Since the idaea of function is many muscles, joints, systems, etc, how then does the knee, hip, sacrum, spine have the ability to respond at ground contact when so little time is spent there? Wouldn't the information recieved in the sacrum for example take too long to get there as well as the response to that stimulus?"

The proprioceptors are very much there Jonathon, but according to Lederman act in concert to "fine tune" movement rather than act in a reflex manner, say like when you touch a hot stove. I thought Oschman was nuts when he first proposed the idea of fascia having it's own nervous system; but damn, the research seems to be headed in that direction. Remember when we use the term "functional" it is not the same as biomechanical. Biomechanics are integrated in with function, but it is the neuromuscular system that drives it. I don't see the neuromuscular approach and the functional approach as a one or the other thing; but that's my personal opinion.

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