Saturday, July 17, 2010

E-Stim to the quads & ACL Rehab

"Effects of NMES after ACL Reconstruction on Quad Strength, Function, & Patient Oriented Outcomes:  A systematic review"- Kim et al, JOSPT 7-10.

"There is no evidence to conclude that NMES has an effect on functional performance when measured by anterior reach, lateral step up, and unilateral squat tests..."

"The best evidence suggests that 4 weeks of NMES using a clinical stimulator in conjunction with exercise therapy can result in a moderate effect in self reported patient outcomes at 12 and 16 weeks post operatively..."

"The effect of NMES upon functional performance is unconvincing, and the imprecision in the limited reported results suggest that a clinically meaningful benefit may or may not exist..."

From what I understand from the research, the clinical grade NMES units seemed to improve isometric knee extension strength better than exercise alone. isometric strength really "NEURO-muscular", and isn't our goal squelching NEUROmuscular arthrogenic inhibition?

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