Monday, July 12, 2010

Hip to Shoulder Lats

What do you think?  If you were developing a performance/prevention program for a thrower, might these be more appropriate exercises for the lats than a lat pull down or a pull up?

1. Reverse pyramid pushup
2. Windmill lunge
3. Drop step lunge with R/L hand 120 reaches @ overhead.

  Notice I've got the pelvis moving in synchronization with the shoulder, with the hands moving a bit faster by way of the momentum in the 2nd and 3rd pics .  Neither the pelvis or shoulder are fixed.


JH said...

That first exercise looks like what the Marines call a dive bomber push up. Not sure if it's the same exercise or not but if it is, that's the exercise my wife was doing when her labrum tore in her right shoulder.

The other two I like very much. However exercise #2 I have them do with a DB and I have them touch there elbow to the lateral front knee.

Good stuff joe!!

Joe Przytula said...

FYI- The "reverse pyramid" is a regular pushup, then keep your chest as low to the ground as possible as you push your body backward away from your hands, pivoting off the toes; then rocking forward back into the pushup position. It may be "tweaked", like any other exercise, by controlling how "deep you go into the zone" (the depth of the pushup/the degree of the pushback) for progression.

sal m said...

I believe those push-ups are also called Hindu push-ups, if I correctly understand your explanation.

How about using a med ball and/or broomstick for #2?