Wednesday, June 2, 2010

pivot lunges with ankle mobes

I just got finished doing a little IASTM on this athlete with a HIGH ankle sprain. Both the anterior and posterior tibiofibular ligaments are much easier to treat with instruments.

The pivot lunge with the opposite leg is creating the motion I desire in the ankle. My hands are assisting the "locking up" process as the foot goes from pronation to supination.

I'll be including these in my new book-

"Integrated Functional Rehabilitation of the Sprained Ankle" due out this fall.


Garrett said...

Hi Joe,

This is a really nice technique - Gary Gray uses something similar with one leg on a bench (10-15 inches high) and the injured leg on the ground about 1.5 feet away and the trunk upright. Using the arms as drivers coming from behind the shoulder of the injured leg over to the opposite hip. Its a really nice way of replicating the load sustained by the ankle (and the rest of the chain) during functional movements and with your hands manually applying load too in the necessary patterns, a great rehab tool.

Looking forward to the book!!


Joe Przytula said...

I believe the technique you refer to is FMR. I wanted to include it in my book by I believe it is trademarked now.

Besides, the rain leaking in through the roof in our fieldhouse would rust the TrueStretch.

However, no matter what mobe technique you use it's always better when you stay constistent with biomechanics. Much easier on the hands and more effective.

Garrett said...

We'll have to trademark the JoeStretch in that case!!