Friday, June 4, 2010

Good post from Vern Gambetta today; making the statement about (at least some) athletic trainers wanting to be physical therapists.

I hope one of the things I am doing in this blog is helping to define the ATC. Of course we overtly & greatfully borrow from the physical therapy profession. However, in MY early days there may have just as well been a brick wall between the two professions. My MD happened to be an osteopath, and they had a heavy influence on me. Remember- a P.T. or osteopath may see an athlete for a few months, while we have them for 4 years or longer. Big difference. That's where athletic development comes in; and it's often a missing link in many programs.

In my ankle book, sure there are many direct and indirect techniques aimed directly at the joints. But I think a lot of stuff in there is going to leave many scratching their heads wondering what it has to do with the ankle. Oh yeah- except for the physios over at U.Dublin.

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Brian Green said...

Strike two Joe...! Coughlan's head is enlarging as we speak....