Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Back from GAIN

What a great way to end my school year and re-charge my batteries.

As usual we were formally on the go from 6:55 am until 9 pm. Our new members, or "delegates" as Coach Kelvin Giles calls them, were the real stars. It's so inspiring to see professionals, some even older than myself, showing such dedication and enthusiasm for athletic development; from the coach all the way up to the MD. My day began at 5 with workouts with Kevin Moody. No weight lifting workouts with Tracy Fober, she blew me off once again.

Joining us this year was Frans Bosch, co-author of "Running: Kinesiology and biomechanics applied in practice." It was the first time I was exposed to the neuromuscular approach to sports training and condtioning. Frans' point of view is to fix the mechanical abnormality and the body will heal itself from injury. There is so much to tell you all about; it will be the topic of many future posts. He gave us 4 hours of intermittent lecture broken up by explaination, demo, and practice of drills he uses to teach good running form. I found it amazing that he had never met, or heard of, Dr. Lederman from London, yet the language the two use is so consistent.

James Radcliffe, athletic development coach at U. Oregon got us up to snuff on planning and implementation; with plenty of learning by doing. If ever I could be as good as him at program design...

Greg Thompson gave us a glimpse of how he begins athletic development where it SHOULD begin- in elementary school; and how it's all integrated with learning.

Tracy Fober, a very cool approach- physiotherapy by way of weightlifting and it's hybrids. I'm convinced stress fractures would be a thing of the past if she had her way.

Coach Kelvin Giles proved to us, in black & white, that it all begins with physical competency. There are no substitutes or short cuts, and there were no doubters by the time it was all over.

John Perry got everyone up to date on lower extremity FUNCTIONAL muscle function in a cool learning by doing seminar.

Athletic Trainer to the Stars Bill Knowles gave us some great ideas on how he uses aquatic therapy in rehab.

Ed Ryan & Dr. Dave Joyner gave us a great overview on concussion research. In addition, Ed ran the program this year as a well oiled machine.

Finally, Vern demonstrated to me as he always does that there is no one better at planned performance training.

I ended the week with my head just spinning. So much to digest and figure how I will implement these new ideas in my neck of the woods. Good to be back blogging again.


Jack Martin said...

Back for more help,Joe. Any chance for a blog on Functional Strength Training for middle and distance training. Vern Gambetta's blog that included the following got me thinking and questioning whether the Blue Devil way is the best way possible:
Strength training must be an integral part of the runner’s preparation during all phases of the year. You must train leg strength. Strength is the basis for speed and injury prevention. A good comprehensive functional strength training program will help with postural integrity, joint integrity and shock absorption.
Jack Martin

Kevin Moody said...

In his modesty Joe left out his excellent contribution to the program covering functional anatomy & biomechanics of the upper extremity.

This was my second year attending the Apprentorship and it just keeps getting better. Not only were the speakers fantastic, but the opportunity to interact with other attendees was great.

I highly encourage anyone involved in the coaching, P.E., sports medicine & athletic development fields to attend this remarkable meeting.

Jonathan said...

Super jealous of all the great knowledge you were filled up with there.. Can't wait to attend GAIN for myself.. I'll see you at the concussion summit...